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Greetings to you.

I am delighted with this opportunity to seek your audience and involvement in a business investment for our mutual benefits.

I am Dr. John Diallo , the incumbent Revenue Director in the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing here in Gambia . I have substantial amount of funds for investment in real estate and other areas of profitable interest your country . Your profile as a worthy business personal, inspired my confidence in your capability to handle this business with me on trust.

Please if you will like to help in this project which is paramount to my agenda prior to imminent retirement from 25yrs of active civil service, indicate interest by writing me promptly include your full telephone number for further discussion. I look forward to your earnest response.

Best regards,(dr.johndiallo @ (yahoo)

Dr. John Diallo (dr.johndiallo @ (yahoo)

by: john45 date: 12/18/2013 time: 07:24


by: maryamsohrabi date: 06/30/2010 time: 02:23

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